(1856 - 1890)

Population Est. 150


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1855 Plat Map Of Maysville - Maysville was platted with 32 blocks, a public square and many streets.  This is just the eastern part of the town.  The legal description is hard to read, but it is the SE ¼ NW ¼ 27-91-20.  Notice the street names!

1874 Land Owner Map- This map shows "Marysville"   instead of the town of "Maysville."  Compare the size of Maysville with Hampton and Geneva.  Notice the railroad runs through Geneva up to Hampton.  Land owners paid money to be listed on the 1874 map.

1883 Franklin County Map - This map shows Maysville, plus many other towns in the county.  See how most all of them are connected by railroads, except Maysville.

1895 Franklin County Map- This 1895 Atlas map shows us that Maysville doesn't even exist, but a new town called REEVE has popped up.  Many in Maysville moved to this new town and called it by its new name.  One reason was because many in the state had confused the name Maysville with the town of Marysville.

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