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Maysville History & Timeline

From sources including the Franklin County Recorder, Hampton Cemetery Book, maps, books, family history, Civil War History and general information.

1852 – James B. Reeve, Adison Phelps and a Mr. Moore camp at what is to be called Mayne’s Grove.

May 13, 1854 – James Newell is granted land from the U.S. Government in the town of Maysville.

May 22, 1854 – William May is granted land from the U.S. Government in the town of Maysville.  This would be in Lots 5 & 6 of Block 19, all of Blocks 20 & 29 and Lots 3, 4, 5 & 6 of Block 30.  Legal description is SE ¼ NW ¼ 27-91-20

January 12, 1855 – Jonathan Robbins is granted land from the U.S. Government in the town of Maysville.

February 3, 1855 – Thomas Baker is granted land from the U.S. Government in the town of Maysville.  These 80 acres would be described as N ½ N ½ SW ¼ 27-91-20.

April 25, 1855 – Benjamin Allen is granted land from the U.S. Government in the town of Maysville.

July 5, 1855 – Nelson Allen dies in Maysville.

August 5, 1855 - Franklin County is organized.  It is named in honor of the statesman, scientist and philosopher Benjamin Franklin. The first election held in Franklin County was also held on this date.  William Shroyer of Maysville votes in the election.  Reeve Township along with Mott and Geneva are the first three townships organized. 

September 30, 1855 – Edwin H. Sparling marries Elizabeth (Kimball) Allen.

1856 - Edward Clock and his brother H.C. Clock formed a mercantile business in Maysville.

1856 - Samuel Carbaugh died near Maysville at Maynes Grove, exact date unknown.  He was born September 6, 1838 in Fostoria, Ohio to Samuel and Mary (Rumple) Carbaugh.

April 21, 1856 - Sarah Permelia Arledge was born and was the oldest surviving child of Lemuel Harvey Arledge and his second wife, Lydia Ann Johnson of Maysville.  Lydia Ann Johnson is buried in the Maysville Cemetery.

January 21, 1857 - Edward Clock was united in marriage to Miss Fannie E. Wheeler, who was born in Ohio, December 24, 1833. They became the parents of seven children: Harry E., Dewitt, Edith M., Rogene, Jean H., Julian, and Ned L., who died in Chattanooga, Tennessee, while in the army during the Spanish-American war.

May 22, 1857 - Lewis Schroyer died and was buried at Maysville.

August 20, 1857 - The vessel on which Charles Beed sailed was fifty days in making the voyage, during which time they encountered some heavy storms and also some calms, which greatly delayed the progress of the sailing vessel.  The ship’s anchor was dropped in the harbor of New York. Charles Beed expected someone to meet him and remained alone on shipboard for three days and nights, but as no one came for him he started alone for Hampton, Iowa, the address on his trunk reading "Hampton, near Maysville, Franklin County, Iowa, United States of America."

October 20, 1857 – Jonathan Robbins is granted land from the U.S. Government in the town of Maysville.

May 28, 1859 - William Shroyer pays the Franklin County Treasurer 8 cents in taxes on his lot in the town of Maysville.

1860 - Velma “Hattie” Ward was born in Maysville.  Father unknown, Mother J. S. Dennis.  Velma later married Alva Gillette in 1882 and died in Alexander in December 12, 1913 and is buried in the Hampton Cemetery.

January 9, 1860 - Kate Pauline Peabody was born.  Her parents are Aaron and Mary (Whitney) Peabody.  Kate died July 16, 1862, probably in Missouri as her father fought in the Civil War.

May 6, 1860 - Truman Stoddard died in Maysville.  He was born July 6, 1820 to Jasper and Sophia (Hubbard) Stoddard.

July 4, 1861 - Hezakiah C. Clock of Maysville enlisted into Company C of the 6th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry as First Sergeant.  He was mustered on July 17, 1861.  Promoted Second Lieutenant May 27, 1862; First Lieutenant January 3, 1863; Captain November 26, 1863. Resigned November 29, 1864.  Clock was born in Ohio.

July 4, 1861 - Charles F. Roberts of Maysville enlisted into Company C of the 6th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry.  He was mustered on July 17, 1861 and discharged on January 2, 1862 in La Mine Bridge, Missouri.  Roberts was born in Ohio.

1862 - Effie Antoinette Reeve was born in Maysville.  Her date of birth and parents is unknown.  She died in 1945.

August 14, 1862 - Lucian M. Stoddard enlisted in the 32nd Infantry as a drummer.  Promoted to Drum Major on October 6, 1862.  He returned to the company on April 1, 1863 and was discharged for disability on June 6, 1865.

December 27, 1862 - Caroline Louise Arledge was born to Lemuel Arledge and Lydia Ann (Johnson) Arledge of Maysville.

January 3, 1863 - Hezekiah C. Clock of Maysville was commissioned a First Lieutenant of Company C of the 6th Infantry of the Civil War.

April 2, 1863 - John G. Mitchell died of disease (diarrhea) in St. Louis, Missouri while fighting in the Civil War for Company I - 9th Iowa Infantry.  Buried at Maysville.

May 4, 1863 - Margaret Jane Whitesell was born.  She was the youngest child of John Whitesell and Isabella (Wilton) Whitsell of Maysville.

April 4, 1864 - Joseph M. Ward is killed in Civil War at Pleasant Hill, Louisiana.  He was serving in the 32nd Regiment of Volunteers.

December 16, 1864 - It was the second day of battle for Nashville in the Civil War.  Up to that time it had been a see-saw operation, neither side making significant gains until a sudden probing action by the Union forces revealed a weak point in the opposing Confederate battery of General Bonchard. There was an immediate command from our side to fix bayonets and make a frontal assault on the Confederate position. As our men leapt over their trenches, they were caught by surprise by a volley of Confederate rifle fire. The sudden intensity of fire caused the Union forces to falter for a moment. It was at that point that William May ran out in front of his regiment, up to Bonchard's Confederate battery and grabbed the rebel flag from its bearer, crying "The flag is ours!!"  This timely, bold, and aggressive action so galvanized William May's comrades that in a-wild rush, they followed him and in minutes overcame the Confederate position. This action was followed by the crumbling of the southern resistance in Tennessee and the gradual destruction of the entire Confederate army in that area.  At war's end in 1865, William May was mustered out of the army again returned to Maysville, Iowa, to his farm, wife, and children.

February 24, 1865 - William C. May of Maysville was issued the Medal of Honor for serving his country in Company H, 32nd Iowa Infantry as the rank of Private.  He entered the service on December 16, 1864.  His Citation reads, "Ran ahead of his regiment over the enemy's works and captured from its bearer the flag of Bonanchad's Confederate battery (C.S.A.).

March 12, 1865 – Amos Sheppard marries Elizabeth (Kimball) Allen Sparling at Maysville.

December 25, 1865 - Charles Edwin Sheppard was born to Amos and Elizabeth (Kimball) Sheppard of Maysville.  His parents came to Maysville in 1863.

March 16, 1868 - A man named Levi Cook, while engaged in sawing wood at Maysville was suddenly attacked with a fit and died shortly thereafter.  He was buried in the Maysville Cemetery.

September 1, 1868 - David Cogswell, son of James and Lucinda (Johnson) Cogswell, married Eliza Hobson in Maysville.

September 30, 1868 - Angeline Soper, wife of Joseph M. Soper of Maysville, died at the age of 48.

October 8, 1868 - Mr. O. F. Lowe has recently put up a new blacksmith shop in Maysville in the west part of the village recently from Manchester, in this state.  Mr. Albert Bangs, who during the summer built a fine barn a little north of town, has just put up a house on the same place.

1870 - The Central Railroad was built between Ackley and Hampton. Geneva was laid out and platted in September 1871 by William J. McVey.  H.C. Clock was the first businessman. He moved his ten-year-old general store from Maysville, which is four miles west of Geneva, because of the railroad. Mr. Clock paid $760 and several farmers gave $740 each to the railroad company for a sidetrack and depot.

September 19, 1871 - Charles A. Mitchell, aged 15, residing four miles south of Maysville road, riding a horse on the run near M. B. Jones, a cow ran into the road in front of the horse, so that the horse and cow were both knocked down with Charley being thrown.  He was crushed under one or both animals.  Buried in the Hampton Cemetery.

January 24, 1872 - A day spent in Maysville the present week is the occasion of the article in this edition of the Franklin Recorder.   There are few changes to note in the general appearance of the town, further than it seemed very odd not to visit Mr. Clock's store, where we have been in the habit of calling whenever we visited the place, the building yet stands but looks "deserted and drear" since the removal of the stock of goods to Geneva.  Charles Chrysler has opened a small stock of goods in Dr. Baker's old store building.  We saw Mr. Caldwell at his accustomed place hammering away on the anvil.  The school is flourishing under the tutelage of our townsman F. B. Marble; the school is quite lard, membering between fifty and sixty pupils.  Mr. Marble also has a large evening class of penmanship under his direction.  E. L. Clock, Esq. has resigned his position as postmaster and George Wilson is expecting to take his place.  The post office is now under charge of Amos Sheppard.  We are under obligations to Mr. Clock and family for the generous hospitality, which we enjoyed, and we take this method of expressing our hearty thanks for the kindness shown us.

1873 - Ed Dosh, druggist, of Guthrie Center, was born in New York, August 8, 1854.  In 1873 he formed a partnership with his father in the grocery trade at Maysville, Iowa. In September, 1875, he came to Stuart, Iowa, where he was employed as a clerk in a drug store until 1880.

January 14, 1874 - The Maysville I.O.O.F. installs the following officers:  M. B. Jones (NG), A. H. Brown (VG), Silas Page (Recording Secretary), W. T. Bullis (Permanent Secretary), H. L. Clock (Treasurer), W. W. Soper (W) and L. H. Brewster (Conductor).

January 21, 1874 - The Kendron Lodge #241 was moved from Maysville to Geneva in order for the lodge to prosper.

January 23, 1874 or 1878 - James Sayre dies in Maysville at the age of 63.  Buried in Maysville Cemetery.

January 28, 1874 - Mrs. Polly Wheeler, a highly respected Christian lady, mother of Mrs. E. L. Clock was buried at Maysville last Sunday, having died a few days previous at an advanced age.

February 26, 1874 - Rev. L. M. Call married Levi Mulkins and Elnora Springer in Maysville.

March 4, 1874 - William May, formerly a resident of this county, one of the proprietors of the town bearing his name -- Maysville -- removed to Minnesota several years ago.  Through Mr. S. H. Vankirk we learn that Mrs. May and the children have recently been suffering severely from an attack of typhoid fever, resulting in the death of two daughters -- Josephine aged 19 years and Annie, aged 12 years, both of whom were highly esteemed by all who knew them and died supported by the Christian's faith.  The other members of the family are gradually recovering.

March 6, 1874 - James H. Sawyer, son of Almond and S. Sawyer of Maysville, died at the age of 11 years of typhoid fever.  Almond's daughter had been sick for 10 weeks but is now better.

July 1, 1874 - Rev. J. B. Taylor marries H. E. Bullis and Angeline Cole, both of Maysville at the Maysville Methodist Church.

March 31, 1877 - Daniel W. Bullis of Grant Township died after an illness of several weeks and was buried at the Maysville Cemetery.

April 23, 1879 - John Asil Sawyer of Maysville married Sophia Anna Howes of Hampton in Maysville.

June 2, 1879 - Last week John Butterfield of Maysville and Horace Sawyer of Maysville took up the remains of five bodies from their resting places in the grove in C. McGuire's pasture, and removed them to Osceola township Cemetery, near Mr. Sawyer's place.  One was the remains of L.L. Butterfield, a brother of John's and two others his sons.  L. L. was buried in 1857, on son was buried in 1859 and the other in 1864.  One of the others is an infant child of Mr. Sawyer’s and the other a young daughter of a Frenchman who left the country years ago.  The coffins were entirely decomposed, except that in which the French girl was buried, but the skeletons of all except the infant's were perfect.

September 10, 1882 - Bennett Cole, one of the old settlers of Franklin County, at his residence in Reeve Township. Mr. Cole had been a resident of the county for about twenty-five years, and was in good circumstances. He was born in Onadago County, NY, November 16th, 1810, and was therefore 71 years, 9 months and 25 days old at the time of his death and buried at Maysville.   (NOTE: His tombstone says he was born on 11/16/1809)

October 7, 1886 - Stewart Sheppard, grandson of Amos Sheppard, died after a serious illness (menegitis) of but a few days.  He was laid to rest in the Maysville Cemetery.

November 10, 1886 - Eli Sparling, a single man aged 33, and a son of Mrs. A Sheppard of Reeve Township by a former marriage, committed suicide by taking an overdose of laundanum at Mr. Sheppard's residence.  He lived several hours after the discovery was made that he had taken the dose and Dr. Tidd was called, but the poison had taken effect and nothing could be done for his relief.  The young man was raised in Reeve Township but has been out west most of this time for several years and latterly has been acting so strangely that suspicions have been raised about his sanity.  He was buried in the Maysville Cemetery.

January 1, 1887 - There was a social gathering at J. M. Soper's hospitable home in Reeve Township on New Year's Day at which about all the family connections were present, and a few other friends.  The senior of the Recorder office was compelled to decline an invitation is to his regret.  There were present, Col. A. T. Reeve and wife and their daughters Etta, Lena and Luta, G. W. Soper, wife and children A. M. Soper, wife and children, E. A. Mallory and wife, H.  B. Smith and wife, George Waddington, wife and daughter, Mrs. N. S. Brown, N. S. Nobles, wife and children and Mr. W. H. Reeve of Ashtabula County, Ohio.  There were three of Mr. Soper's four children twelve grandchildren, and four great grandchildren in the happy party.

November 1887 - Amos Sheppard dies in Maysville.  The specific date unkown.

April 16, 1890 - The Maysville Post Office is no more.  A recent order has been made by the Post Office department, changing its name to Reeve and its location hereafter at Charles Chrysler's store, near the Upper Maynes Grove schoolhouse with Robert Hamilton as the postmaster.  The removal of the store from Maysville and the resignation of the postmaster there literally turns the office out of doors and no one in that vicinity is willing to take it.  In addition it is so near to the town of Geneva that the most of those who live in and around the old town of Maysville get their mail at the former place and those to the northward come to Hampton.  In its new location, the post office is further from the railroad and will doubtless be much more extensively patronized.  The change of the name was demanded by the fact that the mail matter for the office was continually confounded with that of Marysville in Marion county, in this state, making a continual annoyance.  Maysville was the first post office established in Franklin County and for several years led all others in the county in the business done.  The new name chosen is most appropriate, it being the name of the township, the name of the pioneer family of Franklin County and the name borne by six men, formerly residents of the township who went as soldiers in the was of rebellion and three of whom lay beneath the sod.  The new office will be supplied from Hampton, as heretofore.

May 22, 1891 - Joseph Miles Soper of Geneva, formerly of Maysville, dies at home at the age of 76 years, 9 months and 11 days.  Mr. Soper was born in Franklin County, Vermont on August 8, 1815 and moved to Reeve Township, Franklin County in 1856.  Mr. Soper was one of the many pioneers involved for many years in a fight to make Maysville the county seat instead of Hampton.  But when the fight was over, Mr. Soper accepted the situation without complaint.  Mr. Soper was married three times.  Funeral services were held at the M. E. Church in Geneva with burial at the Maysville Cemetery.

April 2, 1894 - O. H. P. Bird dies in Grant Township, April 2, 1894 at the age of 74 years, 4 months and 27 days.  Funeral Services were on the 4th, conducted by Reverend B.S. Denny and burial in the Maysville Cemetery.  Oliver Hazard Perry Bird was born November 5th, 1819 in Holmes County, Ohio, and nearly fifty years ago removed himself to Lee county in this state.  He resided afterwards successively in Madison, Black Hawk and Butler counties, coming to this county in 1872, which has been his home with the exception of a couple of years spent in Kansas.  He was three times married, his last wife being the widow of Dr. Arledge, one of the earliest pioneers of Franklin County, and leaves three sons and two daughters.  All reside in this county, except his son, Eli Bird who lives in Polk county, but was here at the time of his death.  His sons are E.R. and R. L. Bird and his daughters are the wives respectively of David Creighton and Melvin Reish.  All were present at the funeral.

October 21, 1894 - William C. May dies in Winsted, Minnesota at the age of 69.  He lies buried, as also do his wife and children, in the Winsted Cemetery, beneath its gentle, whispering pines.  A new stone, complete with the logos of the Congressional Medal of Honor marks his grave.  The original stone, now completely refurbished, honors this park with its presence and marks forever the heroic deeds of one of our forebears.  The 71.5-acre park, William May County Park was dedicated in 1985.

March 15, 1897 - Arthur Arnold Hein was born in Maysville.

August 8, 1898 - D. A. Miller died and was buried in the Maysville Cemetery.

June 14, 1915 - Eleanor Madeline Wilford was born to Oliver and Josaphine (Britton) Wilford in Maysville.

1918 - Edson M. Gillett died in Maysville.  The exact date of his death is unknown.

February 29, 1924 - It’s Leap Day and John A. Sawyer dies at Maysville at the age of 71.  He is buried in the Hampton Cemetery.

1953 – The Maysville School closes.

August 2, 1999 - William and Aletha Horton of Overland Park, KS came to Hampton, IA and while doing research in the library met Pat Palmer. He followed them to the Maysville Cemetery and straightened Nathaniel Goudy's stone. He dug up William's stone and found the three original foot stone markers that had only the initials of William, Susannah and Nathaniel Goudy. He cleaned and reset the stones. This began the restoration of the Maysville Cemetery.  Since that time, Pat has found, cleaned and reset more than 22 stones and has reset many existing stones at the cemetery.

December 2, 1999 - A G.A.R. Star Civil War flag holder and flag is presented to Pat Palmer to be placed at the grave of John Mitchell who died April 2nd, 1863 in the Civil War.  The stone will be remounted with the flag holder next to it.

December 20, 2001 – Pat Palmer creates www.maysvilleiowa.com to preserve the history of the Ghost Town of Maysville, Iowa.

* Sources include:  Civil War Records, Franklin County Recorder, Hampton Globe, Hampton Chronicle & Times, Family Trees, Maps, Books and General Information.  Anyone wishing to contribute timeline items should click HERE.


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