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Arthur C. Craighton

Franklin Recorder - March 7, 1906

We are sorry to chronicle the death of Arthur Craighton, youngest son of Alvah Craighton and wife, which occurred on Friday morning.  Arthur was an usually bring, vivacious boy, full of energy, and gave evidence of possessing an unusually bright mind.  A year ago this month he was attacked with headache of a very severe type and from this was produced convulsions, he having at times, ten to twenty of these in a twenty-four hours.  As a further complication the stomach and bowels became affected, and it was positively proven by washing out the bowels, that they retained food for three weeks, and these came away undigested.  Several physicians saw and treated him but their combined skill proved unavailing.  The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. C. sympathize with them in the loss of their son, upon whom they were building such bright hopes for the future.  While today all looks dark and dreary to them, they realize that while their grief is poignant, their love one is freed from pain, and they would not recall him and have him endure the suffering that has been his lot for the past year.  Time will soften their sorrows and they will be able to look with resignation upon what now seems almost more than they can endure.

The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon and a large concourse of sympathizing relatives and friends followed all that was earthly of Little Arthur to his last resting place in Mayne's Grove cemetery, and there he was tenderly laid to rest to await the great and universal awakening and grand reunion of loved ones.

(Cemetery records show he is buried in the Towle Cemetery)


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